About Us

Street Leathers is your one stop shop for all your riding needs. Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon!  We proudly offer OREGON, USA MADE, custom leathergoods. Family owned and operated.

We have a large variety of labels ranging from simple to custom USA sizing and styles. We have a Retail Store front as well as our internet site. 

We are open  Tue-Fri 9:30am-5:00pm and Saturday 10am-4pm!

Please feel free to call us during our business hours to ask any questions and can place your orders directly with us, we will be happy to assist with sizing so you get the right fit the first time!

877-702-2453 Pacific Standard Time 9:30a - 5pm



Greg- 40+ years motorcycle riding experience, mechanical, gained leatherwork expertise from The Leatherworks, Inc. Saddlebag company and self taught knowledge. Takes pride in his work and attention to detail. Currently Rides Harley Davidson

Pati- 18+ years motorcycle riding experience (Greg still claims she is a "rookie") Handles business aspects, product knowledge & applications, handles leatherwork and sewing also. Currently Enjoys Riding a Suzuki (when I stop dropping the metric bikes, will ride a Harley!)

Suzanne- 25+ years motorcycling experience. As of 2018 has a Sportster Harley Davidson back in the garage! She is Greg's sister and has been with us for 7+ now. Handles Web and retail sales, merchandising and inventory control.